High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

The stark reality is divorce often digresses into a fight over children and money.

What was once private has now become a court battle. Few lawyers are truly up to the challenge. Surprisingly, most family lawyers have never engaged in complex litigation with such high stakes at risk.  As a result, the client suffers. Only the most experienced lawyers understand the intricacies of the law and the nuances of the legal process.

At Campbell Law Group, we know how overwhelming divorce can be to families. Children are uprooted.  Parenting time is contested. Support issues arise.  Study after study has shown that few occurrences are more damaging to children than the breakup of their parents. These important considerations are fundamentally intertwined with the financial implications of the dissolution of a marriage.

When divorces result in a fight over money, property and assets must be divided.  Businesses need to be valuated. Often forensic accountants and private investigators need to be retained. When there are significant assets involved, it requires a far more strategic approach. Our role is simple.  Protect you.  Let us serve as your front line to protect your assets. Let us handle the myriad of issues that may arise: maintenance, pensions, taxes, division of property, asset discovery, business and property valuations, stocks options, retirement planning, prenuptial agreements, and more. The utmost discretion is paramount.

Divorce is hard.  Our goal is to manage the details.